Previous Kurt W. Rothschild Lectures.

  • 1st Lecture: Anthony B. Atkinson, 1998
    The Changing Distribution of Income : Evidence and Explanations
  • 2nd Lecture: Jacques H. Drèze, 1999
    On the Macroeconomics of Uncertainty and Incomplete Markets
  • 3rd Lecture: Bruno S. Frey, 2000
    What Are the Sources of Happiness?
  • 4th Lecture: Edmond Malinvaud, 2001
    On methodology in macroeconomics - with application to the demand for unskilled labour
  • 5th Lecture: Juliet Schor, 2002
    Worktime Reduction and Sustainable Consumption, mimeo
  • 6th Lecture: Dani Rodrik, 2003
    Towards a New Growth Strategy for Developing Countries
  • 7th Lecture: Robert Rowthorn, 2004
    Deindustrialisation in the global context
  • 8th Lecture: Rebecca M. Blank, 2005
    What did the 1990s US Welfare Reform Accomplish?
  • 9th Lecture: Peter Bofinger, 2006
    Geldpolitische Strategien in Theorie und Praxis
  • 10th Lecture: Martin Hellwig, 2007
    Gibt es eine gesellschaftliche Verantwortung von Unternehmen?
  • 11th Lecture:  Barbara R. Bergmann, 2008
    Economic Implications of the Decline of Marriage
  • 12th Lecture:  Ewald Nowotny, 2009
    Lehren aus der Finanzkrise
  • 13th Lecture:  Tito Boeri, 2010
    Migration, Labour Markets and Welfare
  • 14th Lecture:  Andrew Oswald, 2011
    Herd Behavior in Humans
  • 15th Lecture: Gunther Tichy, 2012
    Banken- und Staatsschuldenkrise: Ursachen, Folgen, Lösungsansätze
  • 16th Lecture: Wendy Carlin, 2013
    Macroeconomics and the Financial System - lessons from the past five years
  • 17th Lecture: Francois Bourguignon, 2014
    The Globalization of Inequality
  • 18th Lecture: Ernst Fehr, 2015
    De gustibus est disputandum – Wie werden Präferenzen gebildet?
  • 19th Lecture: Christian Dustmann, 2016
    The Economics and Politics of Refugee Migrations
  • 20th Lecture: Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, 2017
    The Economics and Politics of Refugee Migrations
    Wieviel wird gearbeitet? Arbeitsstunden im internationalen Vergleich: Fakten und Einflussfaktoren
  • 21th Lecture: Botond Kőszegi, 2018
    Browsing versus Studying: A Pro-Market Case of Regulation
  • 22nd Lecture: Gabriel Felbermayr, 2019
    Rückkehr der Handelskriege(r): Gefährdet die Rückkehr des Protektionismus unseren Wohlstand?