More Details about the ONLINE Economics Research Seminar

During the crisis the regular research seminars of the Department of Economics are online and will take place using zoom. We invite researchers from other universities and research institutions present their original research work. Papers from all areas of economics are welcome. 

After the presentations, there is opportunity for informal discussion (BYO). 

Time: Wednesday, 4:00-5:00 pm (local time)
Coordination: René Böheim (please contact him, if you would like to present your work)
Zoom Invitations: Fill in the form to register. Please click here to unsubscribe. 

The schedule can be imported as a Google Calender or as an ics file

Presentations in the SUMMER TERM 2021:

Date Guest Speaker Titel
03.03.2021 (starting at 5:30 pm!) Ricardo Perez-Truglia (University of California, Berkeley) "Betting on the House: Subjective Expectations and Market Choices"
10.03.2021 Simon Jäger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "Voice at Work"
17.03.2021 Manasvini Singh (University of Massachusetts - Amherst) "Who Cares? Heterogeneous Response to Formal Feedback"
24.03.2021 Daniel Prinz (IHS) "The Liquidity Sensitivity of Healthcare Consumption: Evidence from Social Security Payments"
14.04.2021 Jaime Arellano-Bover (University of Yale) "Differences in On-the-Job Learning Across Firms"
21.04.2021 Maria Petrova (Barcelona Graduate School of Economics) "Bombs, Broadcasts and Resistance: Allied Intervention and Domestic Opposition to the Nazi Regime during World War II"
28.04.2021 Florian Hoffmann (University of British Columbia) tba
05.05.2021 Daphne Skandalis (University of Copenhagen) "The Impact of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation on Job Search and Vacancy Creation"
12.05.2021 Boris Maciejovsky (University of California, School of Business)  "Too Much Trust in Group Decisions: Uncovering Hidden Profiles by Groups and Markets"
19.05.2021 Antoinette Schoar (MIT Sloan School of Management) "Revenue collapses and the consumption of small business owners in the early stages of the Covid-19 Pandemic"
26.05.2021 Arizo Karimi (Uppsala University) tba
02.06.2021 Matthew Backus (Columbia University Graduate School of Business) tba
09.06.2021 (starting at 5:00 pm!)

Juliana Londoño-Vélez (University of California)

16.06.2021 Giulia Giupponi (Bocconi University) tba
23.06.2021 David Agrawal (University of Kentucky) tba
30.06.2021 Aniko Öry (University of Yale) tba

Seminar Rules

The speaker's presentation lasts for up to 50 minutes, followed by questions from the audience (for about 10 minutes). Each seminar is moderated by the session host who collects questions during the talk.

If possible, participants should keep their cameras on (to give the speaker the sense of an audience) and their mics off (to minimize background noise) during the presentation.  

We will experiment with various methods for questions. During the seminar, only short clarifying questions shall be asked.  Speakers will be encouraged to pause every few slides to allow a gap for questions.  

These rules are subject to change as we gain experience at how to most efficiently organize the seminar.“

A list of online seminars can be found at: