Research Seminar 

The Department of Economics organizes a regular research seminar in which researchers from other universities and research institutions present their original research work. Papers from all areas of economics are welcome. The seminar will be publicly announced at the JKU, but it addresses above all the staff of the Department of Economics as well as students of our university, who are interested in economic issues. If a paper is available, we like to link it.


With friendly support of the  "Linzer Hochschulfonds".

Time: Wednesday, 17:15  - 18:30 
Room: Keplerbuilding K127A

Winter Term 2018/19


Nikolas Klein (University of Montreal)
"Relational Contracts with Private Information on the Future Value of the Relationship: The Upside of Implicit Downsizing Costs"

Monday, 29.10.2018 Christian Helmers (Santa Clara University/USA)
"Freemium in a Digital Market: Evidences from an Online Game"


Biliana Yontcheva (WU Wien)
"Keeping a distance: entry behavior in notary services"
Room: Uni Center, BR 6


Erik Hölzl (University of Köln)
"Automatic and controlled processes in consumer credit choices"


Brigitte Hochmuth ( Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
"Global Imbalances, Labor Market Reforms and Precautionary Savings"


Amélie Wuppermann (Ludwig-Maximilians-University München)

"Inattention and Switching Costs as Sources of Inertia in Medicare Part D"


Dirk Sliwka (University of Köln)
"Performance Reviews and Performance Pay - Evidence from a Field Experiment"


Andreas Roider (University of Regensburg)
"Power Politics: Electoral Cycles in German Electricity Prices"


Ernst Langthaler (JKU Linz)
The Soy Paradox: the Nutrition Transition Revisited, 1950-2010

23.01.2019 Benjamin Born (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Tobin Hanspal (University of Frankfurt)
“Do Financial Misconduct Experiences Spur White-Collar Crime?”


Martina Viarengo (The Graduate Institute, Genf)