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Department of Economics.
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Earnings volatility and labor market volatility in Austria

We analyze earnings volatility, labor market volatility, and earnings mobility in Austria using administrative tax records. The tax records contain information from about 143 million pay-slips for the years 1994—2012. They can be matched with data from the Austrian Social Security Database (ASSD) (Zweimüller et al., 2009). The project focuses on three main questions, how individuals’ earnings and labor market attachment vary over time, over their lives, and how their social position affect their children’s outcomes. The answers to these questions are of immediate relevance for both a deeper understanding of how labor market dynamics impact our society and for informing policy debates.

     Team: René Böheim

                Boeheim René JKU | Department of Economics.

                David Pichler

Duration: 2022-2024

Financed by OeNB, Jubiläumsfond, (Projectnr. 18710)

Department of Economics


Johannes Kepler
University Linz
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Project Leadership

René Böheim