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Dissertation Seminar - Economics


On Monday, October 4th 2021, at 5:30 pm, there will be held a preliminary meeting via Zoom. After a successful registration to the course via KUSSS, the participants will receive the invitation link for the Zoom meeting. Further meetings will be arranged individually for each participant and scheduled during the preliminary meeting. Attendance is compulsory for all meetings.


Course goals

This seminar should aims to support and accompany students during their dissertation. In order to do so, the seminar schedule will be personalized for each student, based on their specific requirements for their dissertation.

Dissertation seminar - Economics

Course Id



Rene Böheim




The students describe their dissertation project in a short report (maximum three pages). This summary must be sent as a PDF via email to rene.boeheim@jku.at by October 10th, 2021 (11:59 p.m.) at the latest. If the doctoral thesis consists of several separate works ("cumulative dissertation"), then one of these works must be described.

Based on this report, the course lecturer creates a personalized course plan by the end of October, which supplements the dissertation project from a methodological and content perspective.



In their personalized course plan, the students receive a task that typically provides for the discussion of five scientific articles. This discussion should not be longer than five pages per article (i.e. approx. 2 500 words) and should deal with essential points (question, scientific method, content summary, open questions and criticism). This discussion is to be submitted as a written report by the end of the semester.

The grade is made up of two partial grades, 40% written summary of the dissertation project and 60% from the grade for the tasks of the individual course plan.


Further information

Regular attendance at the research seminar of the Institute for Economics (https://www.jku.at/en/department-of-economics/research/research-events/economics-research-seminar-1) is recommended as a valuable addition. (Why this is a good idea in principle can be found here (https://robjhyndman.com/hyndsight/attending-research-seminars/).) You can find research seminars offered online here: ideas.repec.org/v/, opens an external URL in a new window

Pay attention to clear wording when writing: press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/E/bo25674588.html, opens an external URL in a new window