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Department of Economics.
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Previous courses

Previous course offer

Summer 2018:

  • Labor Economics, David Jaeger (CUNY)
  • Advanced Microeconometrics, Martin Halla
  • Statistik: R-Programmierung, Achim Zeileis
  • Experimental Economics, Loukas Balafoutas, Rudolf Kerschbamer
  • Behavioral Economics, Rudolf Kerschbame
  • Environmental Economics, Markus Ohndorf


Winter 2017/18:

  • Topics in Applied Econometrics: The Econometric Analysis of Panel Data and the Evaluation of Economic Evaluation of Socio-Economic Programs: Michael Pfaffermayr, Giovanni Cerulli (UIBK)


Summer 2017:

  • Experimental Economics: Loukas Balafoutas (UIBK)

  • Identification in Applied Microeconometrics: Martin Halla (UIBK)

  • Behavioral Economics: Rudolf Kerschbamer (UIBK)


Other courses offered in previous terms:

  • Advanced Economic Theory: Mechanism and Market Design: Markus Walzl (UIBK)
  • Advanced Monetary Economics: Jochen Güntner (JKU)
  • Advanced Econometrics: Survival analysis and treatment evaluation based on instrumental variables: Stephen Jenkins, Martin Huber (JKU)
  • Political Economy Modeling: Joseph Francois  (JKU)
  • Macroeconometrics - Applied Time Series Analysis: Octavio Fernandez-Amador (JKU)
  • Advanced Economics:  Applied theory of international trade: Joseph Francois (JKU)