Here you find information about potential fields of dissertations, requirements for a the dissertation and the participation in the dissertation seminars at Universities of Innsbruck and Linz.

Fields of potential dissertations

  • Only members of the faculty with habilitation can be supervisors of a dissertation
  • The topic of a dissertation should be aligned with research interests of potential supervisors
  • Check the faculty pages and look at publications of potential supervisors to learn about their research interests.
  • It is highly recommended to contact and look for supervisors before finally applying to the program

Requirements for the dissertation

  • A dissertation is a scientific work to show the capacity of candidates to conduct own scientific research
  • The dissertation can be written in the following fields:
    • Economics
    • Statistics
    • Finance
    • Note: the field of the dissertation must be equal to the chosen elective course (§8(2) of the curriculum)
  • A dissertation can be a monograph or cumulative (standard case)
  • Requirements for a cumulative dissertation:
    • at least three articles
    • at least two articles need to be accepted for presentation at an peer-reviewed international conference
    • the second requirement can be waived if at least one article is accepted or forthcoming in an international peer-reviewed journal.
    • a seperate introduction in front of the articles to explain the connection between the articles (with regard to contents and methods)
    • In case of several authors, the own contribution needs to be stated as well in the introduction

Dissertation agreement

  • In the course of the second year of the study, students should finish the dissertation agreement with their supervisors
  • Note that each university has its own regulations. Please contact the local responsible person for more details

Requirements for participation in the dissertation seminar

  • Students present and discuss their research with fellow PhD students and members of the faculty
  • Students need to take one seminar at the University of Innsbruck and one seminar at JKU Linz
  • Students can only present if they already have a supervisor, hence a valid dissertation agreement.