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Master Management and Applied Economics (enrolment only until 1.10.2019).

Management and Applied Economics

[Enrolment only until 1.10.2019]


The Master’s degree program in Management and Applied Economics is an advanced, hands-on, and versatile graduate degree program designed to provide you with the expertise, skills and leadership experiences necessary to succeed in today’s business environment.


Program Information:

In the Master's degree program in Management and Applied Economics (4 semesters, 120 ECTS) students are offered an advanced training in applied economics, including insights into the fields of business and economics and how the two disciplines interact. Our students thus acquire the ability to combine research questions from business and economics. The program also focuses on developing problem solving and analytical competences.

The Master's degree program prepares students for a career as an economic expert or in a managerial position (e.g. in financial management, strategic management, or economic policy consulting) in private enterprises, public administration, or the public sector.

Apart from mandatory modules in core areas of business and economics, the schedule also provides the opportunity to specialize in various fields according to your interests and career goals. Students acquire the knowledge of modern methods in empirical economic research, which serve as an analytical tools in diverse situations. The majority of courses is offered in English, thus giving students the opportunity to hone their active and passive language skills.

The Master's degree program in Management and Applied Economics is ideal for students

  • with an interest in economic issues and relationships who want to deepen the theoretical foundations of their knowledge acquired in a Bachelor's degree program in Economics or Management and who wish to acquire further qualifications in a specialized field;

  • who want to apply the acquired abilities in a career in business or policy consulting with an emphasis on jobs where analytical problem solving skills are essential;

  • who want to pursue an academic career and therefore want to acquire the research skills necessary for a future doctorate or PhD studies.

Please direct any questions about the content of this program to msc.mgmtecon@jku.at.