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Admission and Registration

Admission and Registration


Access to the Master's degree program in Management and Applied Economics requires the completion of a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent).

Students with a Bachelor's degree (or "Diplom") in Business and Economics (WiWi) from JKU can enter the Master's degree program without further conditions. Students with a Bachelor's degree from another university, college, or other domestic or foreign institution of post-secondary education have to fulfill one of the following requirements:

  1. The Bachelor's degree has to be from an accredited institute of higher education.
  2. The Bachelor's degree has to contain a sufficient number of ECTS in Business and Economics. Students with a Bachelor's degree can access the program, if the completed program contains at least 20 ECTS of Business and 20 ECTS of Economics courses.
  3. Students can start the program, if their Bachelor's degree program contained at least 10 ECTS of Business and 10 ECTS of Economics courses. They can fulfill the requirement of 40 ECTS in total by taking courses from the Bachelor's degree program in Economics at JKU during the first year of their Master's degree program.

Please direct any further questions about admission requirements to msc.mgmtecon@jku.at.