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Infos to the Course  "Economics for Web Science"

Lecturer: Franz Hackl

General Information on the Course

Students recognize the strategic potential of microeconomics. Students have micro-economic and industrial organization fundamentals that are crucial for successful economic decision-making in the field of communication and information technology markets.

Students of the Master's degree in Web Science without economic science education.

Students deal with the basic functioning of markets (keyword: market forms) and are able to recognize the specifics of information and communication technology markets. Strategies for product and price differentiation in information and technology markets are discussed (delaying, versioning, bundling, personalized pricing). In addition, the course is dedicated to strategic aspects of system decisions (lock-in, switching cost), the economic perspective of network externalities and economic aspects in dealing with intellectual property rights.

There are no pre-requisites

The course is offered in German. If you do not speak German but want to enroll in the course, please contact Franz Hackl.

Detailed Information on the Course

[Hint: Detailed information is only available in German]

You will find detailed Information on the course (slides, videos, literature) under the following Link