Enrolling to Study without a Matura - Your Path to an Academic Degree.

If you do not have a Matura (school-leaving qualifications), sign up for courses to take the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination so you can pursue a degree of your choice! Learn more here and even sign up!

The advantages of the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination at a glance:


  • You can focus on a specific degree program and/or an academic subject area
  • Immersive, individual preparation courses
  • Short duration and financial aid is available
  • Low fees

The University Enrollment Eligibility Examinat at the JKU.
Your road to college.

How do I know the University Enrollment Eligibility Exam is right for me?

  • If you have not passed a school-leaving examination (Matura, Abitur) and/or you do not wish to take a comprehensive vocational school-leaving examination.
  • If you are age 20+ and have a corresponding educational background.
  • If you are interested in a specific major.
    When preparing for the exam, you can take advantage of a respective combination of subject areas to prepare for studies, such as taking physics if you are interested in an engineering program.

Learn more about the Admission Requirements

Learn more about our Bachelor's/Diploma degree programs at the JKU

Preparing for the Examinations

The preparation courses for the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination can help you successfully prepare to take the required examinations. You can enroll to take the courses at the JKU and discuss the content and topics directly with course instructors and fellow students.

As part of these courses, you then take the corresponding Enrollment Exam(s)! Once you have completed all the required courses, you have the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination in your pocket and can then enroll in the major of your choice.

Eine Studentin und ein Student sitzen im Learning Center

The University Enrollment Eligibility Exam courses are the best way to prepare for the exams!

Registration & Deadlines

1. Choose a degree program from the following areas (groups of majors):


2. Learn more about the admission requirements for the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination & submit an application

3. Sign up for a non degree-seeking program & your preparation courses


We recommend registering to enroll for the University Enrollment Eligiblity Examination now, during the summer holiday (by the end of August at the latest). Processing and admission can take up to four weeks. The preparation courses start in October!

Sign up for the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination. 
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