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Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Wolfgang Weiß, MSc KG009A 4980 wolfgang.weiss@jku.at

Assistant Manager

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Michaela Infanger KG008 4985 michaela.infanger@jku.at 

Office of Event Organization

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Dijana Arambasic KG009 4983 dijana.arambasic@jku.at
Karin Hauzenberger KG008 4984 karin.hauzenberger@jku.at
Mag. (FH) Elisabeth Sachsenhofer KG010A 4987 elisabeth.sachsenhofer@jku.at
Sarah Vogl KG009 4986 sarah.vogl@jku.at
Mag. Michaela Zehetleitner KG010A 4981 michaela.zehetleitner@jku.at
ON LEAVE/Mag. Melanie Breuer      

Office of Room Coordination

Room Coordination

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Margot Berger KG007 4993 raumbewirtschaftung@jku.at
Claudia Hoanzl KG007 4992 raumbewirtschaftung@jku.at
Katharina Rauhofer KG009 4997 katharina.rauhofer@jku.at
Manuela Kurz KG007 4988 raumbewirtschaftung@jku.at
Margit Littringer KG007 4991 raumbewirtschaftung@jku.at

Room Planning

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Hannes Bauer KG007 4990 raumplanung@jku.at
Thomas Isensee KG007 4995 raumplanung@jku.at
Horst Ömer KG007 4994 raumplanung@jku.at
Amir Smajlagic KG007 4996 raumplanung@jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Lara Steglehner KG008 4982 lara.steglehner@jku.at

Kepler Salon

Name E-Mail Address
Benjamin Gumpenberger Kepler-Salon@jku.at
Mag. Martina Helmel Kepler-Salon@jku.at