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To a great extent, our standard of living depends on the continual advancement in engineering and technology. Change, transition, growth and progression constantly shaped our future. For almost 50 years, the Johannes Kepler University has offered degree programs and organized research projects in various technical disciplines, playing an ongoing and instrumental role in shaping our future. The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences not only pursues and supports distinguished international research and developmental cooperation, but also focuses on hands-on, real world applications designed for use in industry and business.

Many dilemmas found in business and industry can be addressed by applying scientific techniques and methods such as innovative approaches in support of resolving problems; this has been an important and essential contribution to Upper Austria as a location of business and industry. An extensive and significant amount of publications have documented our scientific achievements, research contracts and assignments, projects sponsored and supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the European Union (EU), special research fields and dissertations. By establishing competency centers such as the Christian Doppler laboratories, as well as spin-off companies, the TN Faculty has become an internationally appreciated partner for technologically focused corporations.

Research conducted at the institutes at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences is characterized by having an interdisciplinary nature, finding innovative technical solutions, conducting modern, cutting-edge research & development as well as having modern alignment. Divided into five main technical disciplines, the institutes focus on both base-knowledge and application-oriented research.

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News & Events
News 30.09.2020

The New Faces at the TNF

The TN Faculty at the JKU is pleased to welcome eight new faculty members and give them an opportunity to tell you a little about themselves. Today we spoke to Mario Waser.

News 25.09.2020

JKU Researchers Create Fly-Catching Robots

Flower-shaped robots made out of soft materials have the ability to catch quick-moving flies that have landed on them.

News 23.09.2020

Alexander Ebner Wins the 2020 Macke Award

This year's 2020 Wilhelm Macke Award goes to Alexander Ebner in recognition of his spectacular new spectroscopic analysis technique.

News 22.09.2020

Meet the New Faces at the TNF

The JKU’s TN Faculty is pleased to welcome eight new professors who will be teaching and conducting researching. We would like to introduce the new faculty members - starting with Markus Schedl.

„Linz offers the advantages of city life but has beautiful green spaces as well. That, and the large number of programs available in the field of natural sciences, make the JKU the perfect place for me to study.“
Magdalena Freudenthaler
Graduate, Teacher Education Studies Mathematics and Physics