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Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences
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Academic Degree Programs.

The Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences offers innovative, high-quality academic degree programs in an intellectually stimulating environment. Graduates possess an outstanding educational background which serves as the perfect starting point to pursue a career in today’s job market. Many academic degree programs offered by the TN Faculty are on the cutting edge of science and technology, providing both base-knowledge educational theory as well as important, hands-on experience in cooperation with local, national and international companies and corporations.

Women in particular are highly encouraged to pursue academic degree programs at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. As a special service, new and already enrolled students can take part in preparation courses designed to provide students with a successful start in their chosen field of study

Doctorate Colleges.

Funded by the Austrian Science Fund, Doctorate Colleges, opens an external URL in a new window serve as training centers for highly-qualified young academic scholars and junior researchers in Austria and in the international scientific community. Doctoral colleges support scientific training at Austrian research facilities and support the continuity and impact of these core areas.


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