Faculty of Law

Civil Law

  • Institute of Roman Law
    • Department of Civil Propaedeutics
  • Institute of Civil Law
    • Department of General Civil Law Dogmatics
    • Department of European Private and Insurance Law
    • Department of Financial Market Law
    • Department of Base-Knowledge Research
    • Department of Private Law Development and Legal Protection
    • Department of Environmental Private Law
    • Department of Business Private Law
  • Multi-Media Law Studies in Linz
    • Department of Multi-Media Civil Law

Public Law

  • Institute of Administrative Law and Administrative Education (German only)
    • Department of Administration Education and Administration Management
    • Department of Environmental Management and Industrial Plant Regulation
    • Department of Legal Protection and Administrative Control
    • Department of Technology Law
  • Institute of Constitutional Law and Political Science (German only)
    • Department of Constitutional and Federal Finance Law
    • Department of Political Science, Legal Ethics and Philosophy
    • Department of Public Business Law
    • Department of Public Procedural Law und Protection of Fundamental Rights
  • Institute of Multi-Media Public Law (German only)
  • Institute of University Law (German only)



Business Law

  • Research Institute of Tax Law and Tax Management
  • Institut of Labor Law and Social Security
  • Institute of European Law
  • Institute of Corporate Finance Law, Tax Law, and Fiscal Policy
  • Institute for the Rights of Basic Social Care and Healthcare Law
  • Institute of Business Law
  • Institute of Public International Law, Air Law, and International Relations
  • Institute of Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy Law and Comparative Civil Procedure

Interdisciplinary Law Studies

  • Environmental Law Institute (German only)
    • Department of Environmental Base Knowledge Research
    • Department of General Environmental Law Dogmatics and Environmental Technology Law
  • Institute for Legal Gender Studies (German only)
  • Institute of Canon and Religious Law and European Legal History (German only)
  • Institute of European and Austrian Civil Procedural Law (German only)
  • Institute of Penology (German only)
    • Department for the Implementation of Penology and Medical Criminal Law
    • Department of Base Knowledge in Penology and Business Criminal Law
    • Department of Corporate Criminal Law and Criminal Law Practice
    • Department of Substantive Criminal Law and Victimology