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A Replay of the First JKU medTALK

The first JKU medTALK discussion series focused on "AI in Medicine - Opportunities and Limits".

Podium discussion at the JKU medLOFT
Podium discussion at the JKU medLOFT

Whether it be robots that can operate on us or provide nursing care, diagnostic tools, or creating algorithms to rapidly develop medicines, artificial intelligence has been a part of medicine for a long time and the potential is enormous. On the whole, many embrace medical advancements however, there is some apprehension. Discussion were lively during the event and at the reception afterwards.

The podium discussion featured:

Assist. Prof. Mag. Dr. Günter Klambauer, Institute for Machine Learning
Univ. Prof. Dr. Tobias Gotterbarm, head of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology
Univ. Prof. Dr. Alexander Moschen, head of the Department of Internal Medicine, focus on Gastroenterology/Hepatology
Laura Moradbakhti, MSc, Robopsychology Lab at the JKU Linz Institute of Technology

Journalist Christine Haiden moderated the discussion.

The JKU medTALK series kicks off the Johannes Kepler University Linz’ efforts to focus on future topics in medicine at the new JKU “medLOFT” venue. The JKU intends to organize a quarterly platform to not only address issues in research and medical innovation, but also more controversial subjects with input by medical professionals, media experts, and experts in the medical industry.

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