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A Presentation, "Update Aorta", Impressed Over 100 Guests

The JKU medSPACE served as the venue for fascinating presentations focusing on the aorta.

Update Aorta 2024; photo credit: JKU
Update Aorta 2024; photo credit: JKU

Following opening remarks by Professor Zierer and Professor Fellner, approximately 100 guests listened intently to a presentation titled "Update Aorta", focusing on recent developments in the field of aorta research.

Speakers included Prim. Prof. Dr. Zierer, Prim. Prof. Dr. Fellner, OA Dr. Huber, OA Dr. Hagleitner, OA Dr. Schmit and OA Dr. Pichler.

Key points included anatomy and major aortic arch disorders (OA Dr. Pierre Schmit and OA Dr. Georg Hagleitner), as well as patient cases (presented by OA Dr. Huber and Prof. Fellner). Using images and short video recordings, the participants were able to follow actual operations.

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Zierer and Prim. Prof. Dr. Fellner, explained how the so-called "frozen elephant trunk" operation is carried out.

During the presentation, members at the Kepler University Hospital clearly acknowledged the outstanding partnership between the "Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery" departments and the "Central Radiology Institute".

Following OA Dr. Peter Pichler's presentation titled "Endoarch - den Einsatz eines Stans in den Aorten Bogen", a small reception provided ample opportunity to chat and discuss the topic in a casual atmosphere.