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Andrea Navarro-Quezada Receives Venia Legendi/Habilitation Certificate

Vice-Rector Alberta Bonanni presented physicist Andrea Navarro-Quezada with her habilitation/post-doc certificate.

von links: Andrea Navarro-Quezada, Alberta Bonanni
von links: Andrea Navarro-Quezada, Alberta Bonanni

Andrea Navarro-Quezada (JKU Research Services) was presented with her venia legendi/habilitation certificate in the subject area of experimental physics. Her paper titled "Hybrid Materials for Spintronics: Assembly and Performance" focuses on electron spins in matter, both in fundamentals as well as for  applications. Researchers are currently studying new materials in an effort to develop ultra-high speed electronic devices and overcome the limitations of super-speed, high-current devices. Her research provides an understanding of hybrid materials for spintronics and their fundamental properties, especially ferromagnetic (semi)metals combined with inorganic and organic semiconductors.

Those pursuing a habilitation/post-doc undergo an academic evaluation in regard to special qualifications that proves their ability to independently conduct academic/scientific research and teach the entire depth and breadth of their selected subject area [facultas docendi], This, in turn, is the prerequisite to grant authorization to teach that particular subject area [venia legendi].

About Andrea Navarro-Quezada

Born in Mexico, Andrea Navarro-Quezada studied Technical Physics at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí before coming to the JKU in 2005 as a PhD candidate. After working as a research associate at the Institute of Experimental Physics and at the Institute of Semiconductor and Solid-State Physics, she moved to the JKU's Office of Research Services & Knowledge Transfer in 2021. She also serves in the JKU Senate as deputy chairperson. In 2016, Andrea Navarro-Quezada was a recepient of the Austrian Science Fund’s Elise-Richter Fellowship presented to highly qualified female scholars. She also holds two patents. She writes a physics blog, "Die Physiker, opens an external URL in a new window", for the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard".