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The 2024 Kepler Awards Ceremony

Once again, the Kepler Awards were presented in recognition of outstanding academic contributions to education.

2024 Kepler Award winners; photo credit: JKU
2024 Kepler Award winners; photo credit: JKU

The JKU Rectorate has been presenting the annual "Kepler Awards for Excellence in Teaching" since 2021 in an effort to raise the bar in higher education and support ongoing advancements in education. In addition to popular initiatives (such as the state-awarded Ars Docendi presented in recognition of outstanding teaching at Austria's public universities, universities of applied sciences, private universities and teacher education colleges), the Kepler Awards not only showcase the use of new educational approaches and concepts, but also encourage excellence in teaching by drawing attention to exemplary best practices.

The winners in each category are as follows:

"Best Practice":

Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Gegenhuber
Thäter, MSc
(KS Grundlagen des integrierten Managements)

Senior Lecturer Dr. Markus Weninger
(UE Softwareentwicklung 1; Programmvisualisierungstool „JavaWiz“)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Martina Seidl
. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schreiner
. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Windsteiger
(VL Logic)

"Ars Docendi":

Dr. Karin Fischer
(SE Konflikte um Naturaneignung und Umweltzerstörung: Soziale Bewegungen für Umweltgerechtigkeit)

"Best Teacher":

MMag. Dr. Ranjana Andrea Achleitner (Faculty of Law)

DI Dr. Navid Rekabsaz, BSc (Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences)

Assoz. Univ. Prof. Dr. Nicole Kronberger (Faculty of Social Sciences, Business & Economics)

Mag. Dr. Marc Fahrner (Faculty of Medcine)

Smirna Malkoc, BSc, MSc (School of Education)