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Prof. David Bernhard

A JKU Study Provides New Insight into the Evolution of Aortic Aneurysms

A recent JKU study is shedding light on the formation of aortic aneurysms, a pathological dilatation of the aorta.

Univ.-Prof. Alexander Moschen

Helicobacter: A Cure Without Antibiotics?

University medicine in Linz could make life easier for millions of patients.

Prof. Wolfgang Högler

An Opportunity to Grow Up Normally

University Hospital: Epileptic surgery can provide children with a higher quality of life.

Univ. Prof. Gotterbarm

Innovative: High-Tech Plates

University Medicine: High-tech implants to improve healing bone fractures.

Peter Opelt

Saving an Infant’s Heart with A Balloon

The Kepler University Hospital in Linz provides life-saving procedures, even to unborn fetuses.

Professor Jens Meier, Credit: Claudia Börner

High-Quality Intensive Care Medicine

University Medicine: The innovative use of eCPR and ECMO greatly improves chances of survival.

Impressions from Kepler Science Day

Tremendous Interest at Kepler Science Day

Guests at this year’s 7th annual Kepler Science Day attended interesting presentations about medical research.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Bolz

University Medicine: New Methods to Identify the Cause of Corneal Inflammation

Using laser technology to diagnose corneal inflammation can help patients faster.

Vice-Rector Elgin Drda

Research Ensures a High Quality of Healthcare

We spoke with Elgin Drda, Vice-Rector and Dean of the JKU’s Faculty of Medicine.