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Dr. Jascha Wendelstein

Linz Ophthalmologist Presented with Prestigious Award

The European Society of Ophthalmic Surgery presented Jascha Wendelstein with a prestigious award in recognition of his scientific achievements.

Professor Maren Engelhardt

Information Processing on Standby: How Some Neurons Bypass Mandatory Resting Periods

Published in the journal "Science", a team of researchers describes a new signal transduction mechanism in the hippocampus.

Eindrücke von der Festival University an der MED 2022

The Festival University at the JKU MED Campus

During the Festival University program, 200 students from over 70 countries also visited the JKU MED Campus.

Impressions from “Update Aorta”

"Update Aorta" at the JKU medSPACE

"Update Aorta" at the medSPACE on September 21 focused on abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Meinhard Lukas; photo credit: Robert Maybach

JKU Rector Lukas Receives a Kidney Transplant Following 5½ Years of Dialysis.

The Johannes Kepler University Linz would like to provide information regarding Rector Meinhard Lukas’ kidney transplant last Friday at the Transplant…

Elgin Drda, Andreas Zierer, Marlies Antlanger, Christine Haiden, Clemens Schmitt

Watch the Second Edition of JKU medTALK

"Factor Gender - Personalisierte Medizin in einer diversen Gesellschaft" - The second edition in the JKU medTALK series focused on this engaging and…

Andreas Gruber (Dean of Research), Rector Meinhard Lukas, Professors Erika Zelko, Bernd Lamprecht and Maren Engelhardt, Vice-Rector Elgin Drda, and Governor Thomas Stelzer (from left to right).

Inaugural Lectures: Introducing New Professors at JKU's Faculty of Medicine

Inaugural lectures by Maren Engelhardt, Erika Zelko, and Bernd Lamprecht.

The Young Researchers Awards

30 Junior Scholars Presented with the JKU Young Researcher Award

30 outstanding junior scholars were presented with the JKU Young Researchers' Award.

The JKU MEDCampus; Photo credit: Martin Steinkellner

Inaugural Lectures to Introduce New Professors at the Faculty of Medicine

Traditional inaugural lectures by new professors at the JKU Faculty of Medicine took place in June.