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Faculty of Medicine
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The Faculty of Medicine.

Creating the Faculty of Medicine in the Fall of 2014 was a milestone in the JKU's history. You can learn more here about this project for the future, including the development, significance, focus and infrastructure.

Thanks to the Austrian federal government, the Upper Austrian government, the city of Linz, the Medical University of Graz, the Medical Society of Upper Austria, and the JKU standing shoulder-to-shoulder, the Faculty of Medicine became a reality, collaborating with the Upper Austria's modern hospital network. Upper Austria has secured its next generation of physicians for the state and the Faculty's research skills are sure to contribute to addressing and solving social issues both in the region and beyond Austria's borders.

Clinical Research on Ageging and Healthcare Services. 

The focus on these two areas of research can hardly be surpassed in terms of social and political significance. In this regard, the JKU is positioning itself far beyond its regional borders.

Conducting research on ageing and healthcare services is ideal when it comes to collaborating with other medical universities and applying medical research findings directly to patient care- Topics such as targeted cancer research, a separate chair for general medicine, research on dementia, and medical technology are becoming significantly more important in terms of demographic development.

In this regard, a focus on both areas of research are an integral part of the Bachelor's degree program.

The Faculty of Medicine and the Kepler University Hospital

Created on December 31, 2015 by merging three renowned, traditional Linz hospitals together (the Linz General Hospital, the Linz State Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and the Wagner-Jauregg Provincial Neuropsychiatric Clinic), the Kepler University Hospital served as a foundation to create the Johannes Kepler's University new Faculty of Medicine. The Kepler University Hospital has over 1,800 patient beds and almost 7,000 employees, making it Austria's second largest hospital and central healthcare provider in Upper Austria.


Over 40% of physicians in Upper Austria are active in research and academia, having completed post-doctoral studies at the Kepler University Hospital. This is where physicians of tomorrow are benefitting from a real-world, hands-on medical degree program.

Book Suggestion

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Download a book (PDF file) to learn more about creating the Faculty of Medicine at the JKU in Linz.

The JKU MED Campus

Medical professionals of tomorrow require state-of-the-art infrastructure. Built in 2021,  the JKU MED Campus is now located in the city center of Linz, in close proximity to the Kepler University Hospital.


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The JKU medSPACE is a technologically advanced and engaging 3D visualization tool used for virtual anatomy lectures. The medSpace provides students with an unprecedented look at the human body, seemingly close enough to touch!

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