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Faculty of Medicine
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The Faculty of Medicine.

Established in 2014 as one of Upper Austria's largest future-oriented projects, the Faculty of Medicine is the JKU's newest faculty. Click here to learn all about the Faculty of Medicine, from its organizational structure and area of focus to its infrastructure.

The main objective is to integrate the JKU's educational and research expertise within Upper Austria's considerable potential as healthcare hub. As Austria's second largest hospital with over 1,800 beds and 50 specialized departments at two locations, the Kepler University Hospital is the faculty's most important partner. Built in 2021, the Faculty of Medicine's new educational and research building boasts 12,500 m2 of space and is located in close proximity to the Kepler University Hospital.


AI in Medicine and Medical Technology

Given the extensive technical, economic, medical, legal, and social implications, the JKU has established two university-wide research priorities: "Digital Transformation" and "Sustainable Development", and the university facilitates cross-disciplinary research across all of its faculties. The Faculty of Medicine utilizes the interdisciplinary research approach to focus on pioneering fields such as "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine" and "Medical Technology".

As a result, both of these research priorities have become an integral part of the Bachelor's degree program in Medicine.


Pooling Outstanding Clinical and Medical Expertise

The Faculty of Medicine concentrates its clinical research along the lines of the Kepler University Hospital's key profile, focusing on:

  • Neurosciences
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
  • Inflammation and tumor medicine

Research is conducted by research teams working at theoretical and clinical institutions and promoted as part of so-called clinical research institutes.

The Faculty of Medicine and the Kepler University Hospital

The Kepler University Hospital was established in 2015 by bringing three long-established, renowned Linz hospitals together: the General Hospital of the city of Linz (AKH Linz), the Linz State Women’s and Children’s Hospital (LFKK), and the Wagner-Jauregg Provincial Neuropsychiatric Clinic (LNKW WJ). The MED Campus' close proximity not only provides students, faculty members, and researchers with an attractive environment, it also creates opportunities to sustainably advance university medicine on-site based on intentions to conduct cutting-edge research and integrate state-of-the-art medicine.


Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to learn more about the Kepler University Hospital.

Recommended Book

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Learn more about the JKU Faculty of Medicine's forward-looking plan in this book (download, PDF).

The JKU MED Campus

Medical professionals of tomorrow require state-of-the-art infrastructure. Built in 2021,  the JKU MED Campus is now located in the city center of Linz, in close proximity to the Kepler University Hospital.


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The JKU medSPACE is a technologically advanced and engaging 3D visualization tool used for virtual anatomy lectures. The medSpace provides students with an unprecedented look at the human body, seemingly close enough to touch!

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