Linz Clinician Scientist Program.

Clinician Scientist Program (CSP) and the Advanced Clinician Scientist Program (ACSP)

Medical advancements require physicians who conduct research. The innovative Linz Clinician Scientist Program aims to give physicians at the Kepler University Hospital sufficient time to conduct academic/scientific research. The Faculty of Medicine's junior research funding program enables physicians to pursue both an academic and clinical career.

Additional information about the Clinician Scientist Program (CSP) and the Advanced Clinician Scientist Program (ACSP) is available in brochures that you can download.

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Key Facts

Information to Apply

Program Begins

October 1, 2020

Application Deadline

January 31, 2020

Submit via E-mail


Elisabeth Hartig, MEd

Office Hours

By appointment

Information about the Application Procedure

Applicants to the CS and the ACS programs must successfully pass a two-phase admission procedure. The first phase involves a review procedure in which three experts evaluate the applicant's submitted research summary and CV under the outlined evaluation criteria. If the applicant passes the first phase of the admissions procedure, he/she will then be asked to present his/her research to a committee of selected experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about the Linz Clinician Scientist Program? Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here.


Are there any guidelines to select a research focus
when applying for the CS or ACS programs?

Applicants to the CS or ACS programs can only be accepted to the program with a research project in the field of clinical research, meaning patient-oriented research. Research projects aimed at conducting base-knowledge medical research will not be considered.

Can I still apply for the CS program even if I am in a different
doctorate program outside of JKU MED? Will academic credit for the
doctorate degree courses transfer to other universities?

If you are enrolled in a doctorate degree program at another university but would like to apply for the CS program, you will have to change and enroll in the structured doctorate degree program "Medical Sciences" at JKU MED Linz. Any courses you completed as part of another doctorate degree program will be reviewed by the Dean of Studies to determine equivalency and additional requirements for the doctorate degree program at JKU MED will be determined.

I have already successfully completed my medical specialist training.
Can I also apply for the CS program?

In general, yes. However, the CS program is primarily for physicians at the start of his/her professional career so these candidates are initially considered for the program.

Does taking part in the CS program mean my medical specialist
training will take longer?


I will finish my residency before finishing the CS program. Can I complete
the CS program even though I don't know whether or not I will continue
to be employed at KUK after my medical specialist training?

In general, the CS program was designed for young physicians during their medical specialist training period. The head of the clinic will render a decision as to whether he/she supports the candidate and intends to take him or her on as a medical specialist. However, beyond the medical specialist training period, the employment relationship must be clarified with the Dept. of Human Resources and Organization at the Kepler University Hospital. Those taking part in the CS program must be employed at KUK.

Do I have to have a doctorate degree to apply for the ACS program?

Yes! If you have passed your oral defense (= graduates of the medical degree program before 2002), you can also apply for the ACS program. However, you must also complete additional courses totaling 12 ECTS credits.

I will mostly likely finish my residency in November but the ACS
program starts in October. Can I still apply for the ACS program or
do I have to wait until I have completed my medical specialist training?

Yes. The ACS program is for those who have completed a doctorate degree and have research experience. Having completed your specialist medical training is not a prerequisite. It is more important that the applicant acquire the basics to be able to work in an academic/scientific manner as part of a structured doctorate degree program and that the candidate has already successfully conducted research (papers, etc.).

Can I take courses in the doctorate degree program at JKU MED during
my leave of absence as part of the CS program?

The leave of absence as part of the CS program applies to normal work hours in your department. You can attend courses in the doctorate degree program in Medical Sciences at JKU MED that fall within this period. However, the structured doctorate degree program is part-time and courses are held in block sessions on the weekend and/or during the week after work hours.

I do not want to give up my employment contract at KUK.
Will KUK continue paying me? Who is responsible for contracts at KUK?

Your employment at the Kepler University Hospital will not be affected if you are accepted to the CS/ACS programs. If you have questions about employment law, please contact the HR department at KUK.

Where can I conduct research as part of my leave of absence?

This will have to be discussed with your supervisor and mainly depends on the research project. In principle, facilities at the Kepler University Hospital as well as at specific research facilities at JKU MED are available to you so you can conduct research as part of the CS/ACS programs.

If I go on maternity leave during the CS/ACS program I will
have to discontinue the program.

As a KUK employee you are legally entitled to maternity leave. An agreement will have to be made individually with JKU MED on whether or not - and in what capacity - you can continue with the program.

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