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I do not want to give up my KUK employment contract. Is the payment still done by the KUK?

The participation in the CSP or ACSP will not affect your employment at the KUK. If you do have questions regarding your contract, please contact the KUK personnel department.

Can I still take part in the CSP program even if I am enrolled in doctorate studies outside of JKU MED? Can I obtin credits by courses of doctorate studies of other universities?

If you are already enrolled in a doctorate degree program at another university, you would have to switch over and enroll in the structured doctorate degree program "Medical Sciences" at JKU MED Linz in order to take part in the CSP program. If you decide to do this, the courses you have already completed will be reviewed by the Dean of Studies to ensure they are academically equivalent and a curriculum for the doctorate degree program at JKU MED will be determined.

Can I apply for the CSP program even if I have already
completed my specialist medical training?

In general, yes. However, the CSP program is primarily aimed at medical physicians at the start of their professional career.

Does taking part in the CSP program result in extending my residency?


I will have finished my specialist training before I finish the CSP program.
Can I complete the CSP program even though I don't know whether or
not I will continue to be employed at KUK after completing my residency?

In general, the CSP program is for young doctors completing their specialist training. The department head will have to decide if he/she supports the candidate and intends to accept his/her for specialist training. However, you must discuss the employment relationship after  specialist training with the Department of Human Resources and Organization at the Kepler University Hospital. Taking part in the CSP program is tied to employment at KUK.

Do I need to already hold a doctorate degree in order to take part in the ACSP program?

Yes! If you have completed a program that included an oral defense (= graduates of a medical degree program before 2002), you can also apply for the ACSP program.

I will most likely finish my residency in November. However, the
ACSP program won't begin until October. Can I still apply for the
ACSP program or do I have to wait until I have finished my specialist training?

Yes. Those applying for the ACSP program must hold a doctorate degree and demonstrate experience conducting research. Applicants must not have completed their specialist training. It is important that the applicant has acquired the foundations to conduct scientific work as part of a structured doctorate degree program and that he/she has already successfully conducted research (papers, etc.).

During the 'leave of absence' as part of the CSP program, can I take attend in courses in the JKU MED's doctorate degree program?

The ‘leave of absence’ as part of the CSP program applies to your regular work hours in your department. You may attend courses in the JKU MED’s doctorate degree program in Medical Sciences that fall during this period however, the structured doctorate degree program is a part-time program and many courses/lectures/tutorials are held as block sessions during the weekend and/or during the week (in the evening after work hours).

Is it possible to participate in the CSP/ACSP as a general practitioner in training?

In future, the participation in the CSP/ACSP will be also possible for general practitioner who are interested in science and research. The exact framework conditions are currently under development.

Where can I carry out my research activities as part of my leave of absence?

This is to be clarified with your supervisor and depends primarily on the respective research project. In general, research facilities at both the Kepler University Hospital as well as at specific facilities located at JKU MED are to be used for research activities as part of the CSP/ACSP programs.

If I go on maternity leave during the CSP/ACSP program, do I have to quit the program?

As a KUK employee, you have a legal right to take maternity leave. The program can be continued after the maternity leave.