Online Info Session on Academic Degree Programs
in Economics, Stastistics, and Business & Economics.

Fast Trader or Fair Trader? Local or international? The answer is AND. New times require new strategies and new answers, especially in regards to questions arising from digitalization and internationalization. Successful business practices and ethics, regional and international competition - the JKU Business School (BUS) addresses these issues and much more.

Our online info session covers everything you want to know and more about the JKU Business School, our unique academic degree programs (2 Bachelor's degrees, 10 Master's degrees), and the JKU campus.

Renowned professors will hold live, 45-minute presentations on Zoom about their academic degree programs and answer your questions afterwards. Click here to learn more about Zoom's data privacy terms & conditions.


April 29 2020, beginning at 2.00 PM


Online via Zoom

Were you unable to attend? No problem! The presentations are available here:

All of the academic degree programs are characterized by a quantitative approach to the economy and business. While the degree program in Business & Economics provides students with a very broad picture of the economy - from business administration to economics to psychology - the Statistics program combines modern access to the economy and society to data and quantitative analysis. Each degree program enables you to sketch the big global picture, understand correlations, and develop problem-solving skills. From finance, to health care, to the public sector: your skills are highly sought-after in many areas of industry and business.

You want to learn how to think outside of the box, apply the curiosity and courage it takes to find innovative solutions? Then take part in the online information session! We are looking forward to seeing you.

Presentation Videos

You can watch the presentations from the online Info Session here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special type of equipment to take part?

No. You just need a laptop, computer, or a mobile phone with an internet connection. If you are using a smartphone, we recommend downloading the Zoom app at the App Store.

How can I ask questions during the presentation?

During the presentation, you can ask questions in the Q&A section which is located at the bottom of the screen. Questions will be answered at the end of the presentation.

Can the presentation speakers see or hear me?

No. The speaker(s) will not be able to see or hear you; they can just read the name you have chosen to enter.

Do I have to join the presentation exactly when it
starts or can I join in a little later and/or leave earlier?

Naturally it would be ideal to be there on time so that you do not miss any important information. However, you can join the presentation at any time and leave at any time.

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