Visualization of Network Topologies in Upper Austria

Student: Franziska Weitmann     (Start: 2018)

Supervisor: a.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Wolfram Wöß


The objective of this master's thesis is to create a web application which visualizes a network topology in Upper Austria on a map.

The components of the network have different states - the goal is to present the network in a way that allows the user to get a general view on the current status, while also being able to get POI-specific data on request. Thus, detailed information should be hidden in a general overview, revealing more detailed information when requested by the user. In addition, the implementation of the map visualization should be as generic as possible, to facilitate user-specific adjustments.

The network data that is provided by an ERP system and a network management system should be processed in a fast and efficient way, to allow for a fast visualization and frequent updates without delay. Thus, a caching strategy needs to be developed, to avoid unnecessary traffic.

The concept will be implemented in C# (the backend system), in combination with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the web interface.