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Here at the JKU, we actively support sustainable environmental practices. Here's what we're doing here in Austria, especially at the JKU:

Drinkable Tap Water

Tap water in Austria is perfectly safe to drink. As Austria's source of water is of high quality, it is only ever very rarely and very sparingly treated with chlorine. When you arrive, your Welcome Package will include a reusable glass bottle to refill whenever you want and stay hydrated!


Waste Separation and Waste Sorting

In an effort to support recycling, Austria has initiated various policies to separate waste. This includes separating plastic, paper, glass, etc. When at the JKU, you will find color-coded bins and waste receptacles to separate plastic, aluminum, paper, glass, food scraps, and regular trash.. Click here to learn more about separating waste at the JKU.


[Translate to Englisch:] Mülleimer am JKU Campus

Green Mobility

Linz is a city where you can get around easily without a car. Take advantage of different means of transportation and use public transportation, rent a bike, opens an external URL in a new window or rent an eScooter.


JKU Bike

Honey Made on Campus at the JKU

250,000 busy honey bees moved on to the JKU campus in May of 2021, occupying a total of five hives. The bees not only produce high-quality honey, they help pollinate approximately 80% of our crops and wildflowers right here at the Johannes Kepler University Linz!

Imker mit Bienenwaben am Campus der JKU Linz