Fridays 4 Future.

What do you remember about this past summer? The hot days? The storms? Watching weird, unpredictable weather unfold?

One thing is certain: Our climate is unbalanced. And it is high time to take what may be the last chance before our climate collapses.

More and more people are campaigning for changes in an effort to curb the rate of climate change that is becoming too much, too fast. The Fridays for Future movement is organizing a climate strike on September 24 - naturally in Linz as well.

Protesting alone, however, isn't enough; it's also important to understand the background. After the demonstration, here at the Johannes Kepler University, we want to give young people space to get together and communicate as well as attend fascinating presentations on the topic. It all kicks off on September 24, the day of the global climate strike.

This event will take place in cooperation with Scientists for Future Upper Austria and the ÖH Climate Office at the JKU.

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Fridays 4 Future @JKU


Beginning September 24, 2021


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Who is responsible for the project at the JKU?

Mag. Maria Buchmayr, JKU Office for Sustainability

Just how is the JKU committed to our environment?

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What's going on when?

Time Program Points
9.00 AM to Noon Workshop "Waste Cooking - Kochtopf statt Mistkübel" (Please note that space is limited! Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to sign up)
2:00 PM Climate strike in the city
afterwards - around 6:00 PM

Presentations and Supporting Program


  • Opening Remarks by Stefan Kaineder (Climate Affairs) and Rector Meinhard Lukas
  • Presentation by Tristan Horx (Zukunftsinstitut) about climate protection and sustainability
afterwards - around 8:00 PM Food and drinks together


Illustration Fridays for Future, Lebensmittel retten

What will the workshop feature?

What we eat not only affects us, but our environment and our climate as well. In Austria, about 40% of the food produced is thrown away. But do you always have to throw away food that has expired? Not with "Cooking Waste"! This cooking workshop shows you how to avoid food waste and prepare delicious meals made from expired food. At the end of the class, workshop members will naturally come together and taste the fruits of their labor!


„The JKU would like to give the new Fridays 4 Future movement space for discourse.“
Mag. Maria Buchmayr
Die Leiterin der Stabsstelle für Nachhaltigkeit Maria Buchmayr. Credit: Grüne

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