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Department Head                                                      Room Extension E-Mail Address
ADir. Peter Merighi                     KG417 3250

Deputy Department Head

Markus Lehner KG415 3247
Evaluations and Statistics      
Verena Schmidinger KG419 3251
Sandra Hinterrreiter KG419 3154
Company Travel Management        
Mirjam Brandstätter KG419a 3156
Ingrid Gutenbrunner KG419 3154
Sonja Gutenbrunner KG419a 3232
Elisabeth Hajek KG406 3252


Name Room  Extension E-Mail Address
Ralf Huber KG416 3237


Name Room  Extension E-Mail Address
Hanna Preinfalk KG419 3226

Office of Human Resource Administration

Name                                                      Room Extension E-Mail Address
Markus Lehner                        KG415      3247
Sonja Stögermüller, BSc KG406 3158
General Permanent Employees         
Gudrun Zauner, BSc KG404 3260
Agnes Pühringer KG404 3152
Academic/Scientific Permanent Employees      
Renate Reinthaler KG407 3258
Ingrid Grabenschweiger-Temper KG407 3151
Project Staff Members      
Silvia Lippl KG407 3150
Florian Doppler, BSc KG407 3233
Susanne Lauber KG403 3229
Monika Fuchs-Wittinghofer KG403 3263
Teaching Staff      
Daniela Putz KG408 3231
Sabine Kapfer KG408 3257
External User Authorizations      
Monika Fuchs-Wittinghofer KG403 3263

Office of Accounting

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Gabriele Munz, BSc               KG712 3228
Andrea Dutzler KG712 3254
Elisabeth Rammer KG712 3255
Joachim Haidinger KG712 3153

Office of Recruiting and Position Planning

Name                                                Room     Extension E-Mail Address
Karin Holzner, BEd                         KG416 3155
Mia Basac KG401 3159
Britta Stelzhammer KG401 3253
Labor Cost Planning      

Mag. Annemarie Fischer

KG401 3157

Office of the University

Name                                  Room Extension E-Mail Address
ADir. Peter Merighi  KG417 3250
Elke Fölser KG405 3262
Petra Pummer KG405 3259