Application Services

The Department of Application Services is responsible for developing, distributing, and maintaining modern, user-friendly software solutions in an academic context at the JKU.

Department Manager

Helmut Fleissner

The range of services extends from planning, designing and individually developing solutions, consulting services, and selecting support services for external solutions and tools to support automation processes and workflows. Increasing digitalization processes and the required interaction with authorities and JKU partners as well as interfacing to other systems and databases also becoming increasingly important.


Our experts consider themselves to be problem solvers and facilitators, ensuring and improving university processes primarily in the areas of education and administration. They have a wide range of expertise at their disposal:

  • Managing IT projects
  • Demand analysis, conceptual design, UX design and specification writing
  • Software architecture & design, Java & Angular programming
  • SAP module support and project support
  • Process management, particularly forms, workflow design, and implementation
  • Intranet and knowledge management usingJira Confluence

The Department of Application Services is part of Information Management and is divided into four divisions:

  • SAP Applications
  • Process and Knowledge Management
  • Data Management and Interfaces
  • Application Development

If you have any general questions about the department or need information, please do not hesitate to contact our department manager.



myJKU – Mobile Student Web App

myJKU is a mobile use web application designed primarily for student use to provide support services and organizational assistance during and after the semester, thereby helping students to better manage their everyday university routine. Students can access the app via their JKU user account.

KUSSS  – Student Portal

KUSSS (the Kepler University Study Support System) is the JKU’s student portal that is currently in use. The platform is very comprehensive, offering features similar to the myJKU app, such as being able to register for classes and examinations. KUSSS is essential and provides support services during and after the semester. Students can access KUSSS via their JKU user account.

CAMAS - Campus Management System

The Camas system provides JKU departments with various modules and central administrative tools to support administrative study processes at the university. For example, the system provides functions related to classroom teaching, the admissions procedure, and in combination with subject-area examinations. Employees can access the system once they are authorized by the respective department and by using their JKU user account.

AUWEA – Credit Transfer Platform

The Office Examinations and Recognition Services at the JKU uses the AUWEA system to prepare and process applications regarding academic credit transfer.

RooMan - Room Management & Scheduling

The administrative RooMan system is used to manage room allocation on campus and support room and space management for university operations and events. Employees have administrative access through their JKU user account.

Knowledge Management - Intranet Wiki

JKU administrative departments can access the web-based wiki editing system (based on Jira Confluence) which departments use as a general intranet and usable knowledge management system. Employees have administrative access through their JKU user account.

Managing Processes and Forms

Services to create forms and process flows (including workflow approval and simple intranet applications) are available in an effort to support systems and (partially) automated processing of various educational and administrative procedures. Depending on the use case, these can be utilized by various JKU departments, employees, and/or students through their JKU user accounts.

Data, Interfaces & Solutions for Partners

In support of automated data exchange and to evaluate and provide central studies information, suitable services can be generated upon request; after formal authorization, these can then integrated into ongoing operations.

Finance, Controlling & Purchasing (SAP ERP)

The corresponding standard software SAP Enterprise Resource Planning modules are available to authorized JKU departments and employees to process commercial procedures in the areas of financial accounting, controlling, asset accounting, and materials management and distribution at the JKU.

Human Resource Management (SAP HCM)

To manage HR-relevant administrative and accounting processes at the JKU, the standard software SAP Human Capital Management is available to authorized JKU departments and employees.

HR Employees Self-Service Portal (SAP ESS)

To prepare verification statements and manage company travel at the JKU, JKU employees can access self-service features as part of standard SAP Employee Self Service software.

Reporting & Analyses (SAP BW)

Selected functions as part of the standard software SAP Business Warehouse functions are accessible to JKU departments and employees to provide, analyze, and prepare data and information in the form of reports.