Infrastructure Services.

The Department of Infrastructure Services is a competent, reliable partner when it comes to providing university-wide services, including safe and secure core modern, high-performance IT services.

The spectrum ranges from central high-speed network services, such as campus-wide LAN and W-LAN services, to high-performance and secure server computing environments, storage solutions, and telephone services.

Department Manager

DI Klemens Lengauer

In addition to being responsible for central infrastructure services, the team can also provide JKU institutes and partners with a professional server housing environment and, upon request, an option to quickly and inexpensively rent computing resources for servers and storage. If needed, the technical service package can include personal support and implementation services.

The Department of Infrastructure Services is part of Information Management and is divided into two divisions:

  • Computing Center, Network & Telephone Services
  • Server and Storage Systems

If you have any general questions about the department or need information, please do not hesitate to contact our department manager.

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Campus LAN & W-LAN

As an institution of education and research, supporting a smooth and powerful campus-wide network is crucial. In addition to providing an infrastructure that features high-performance cabling, we focus on supplying network connections and IP addresses just as much providing the bandwidth and logical segmentation so that institutes and departments can successfully conduct their day-to-day operations. A JKU user account provides access to our campus-wide W-LAN system and supports mobile studying and learning.

Remote Access via VPN

When off-campus, a VPN dial-in gives JKU employees and external partners a safe and secure option to remotely access many of the JKU’s systems.

Internet Access and WAN Connections

When on campus, JKU students and employees have access to high-performance internet services. Students and employees can use these services once their user account has been activated. In addition, there are corresponding communication connections to connect to external offices and partner institutions.

Firewall Services for Institute Networks

In addition to standard and professional services designed to protect JKU networks by using central firewall systems, institutes can opt to enhance the standard protection system by installing additional, institute-specific firewall features. Information Management can provide the required services to further protect and secure the institute's networks and/or applications.

Central Computer Center Operations

In support of central services at the JKU and in an effort to support safe, secure, and professional operations as well as keep pace with high availability demands in regard to performance and support services, Information Management independently and safely operates several machine rooms.

Server-Housing for Institutes & JKU Partners

In regard to professional server housing capacities to meet the decentralized needs of institutes and/or university-related facilities, we offer of rack space, including the corresponding secure and professional spatial accommodation and connections to the network. Information Management ensures the availability of space while the users retain control and responsibility of these decentralized servers, including physical access.

High-Performance Computing Services

A high-performance, in-memory supercomputing facility is available to support science and research by helping to prepare and execute highly complex calculations and simulations. A large number of computing cores paired with generously dimensioned shared memory area allows users to calculate mathematical models and conduct intensive analyses in support of research and studies.

Operating Dedicated Servers and Server Virtualization

Information Management has dedicated servers to support both central services at the JKU as well as technical infrastructure.  These servers, in the context of virtual root servers, can be made available to university institutes and university-related facilities for a fee.

Central Storage Facilities and Disk Space to Store Data

To support teaching, research, and administrative services, the backbone to provide information is a reliably and redundantly designed central primary and secondary storage infrastructure. The system not only provides data storage space for the JKU’s core applications and systems, it also provides a secure storage location for personal files and group-structured directories.

Archiving & Back-Up Services

In an effort to keep date safe and secure, the Department of Infrastructure Services offers and manages the corresponding procedures and tools to regularly back-up university-related data stocks, such as network drives and/or central application information. In addition to centrally backing up important data and databases at the JKU automatically, institutes can opt to use existing backup tools and capacities for a fee.

Database System Administration

Central database administration services are available for data applications that are stored in the form of an Oracle database. This includes the Oracle and Maria DB database set ups, as well as ongoing operations, upgrades and support services designed to optimize and clean data.

Mobile and Landline Telephone Services

JKU departments and employees can opt to have a landline telephone in their respective offices and, if authorized, a cell phone. These services are based on centrally negotiated contracts with providers and includes providing and managing corresponding calls and numbers, a voice mailbox and devices, as well as support services.
Charges for any incurred calls are passed on to the department(s) on a monthly basis according to their respective source.