IT Purchasing & Licensing Services

The Department of IT Purchasing & Licensing Services serves as a cornerstone when it comes to reliably and economically purchasing services as well as hardware and software products.

Department Manager

Martin Sackl

Based on the respective operational needs and requirements in research, academia, and administration, the team processes requests for quotes by suppliers, negotiates prices, processes orders, and manages follow-up procedures that include receiving goods, inventory, and filing contracts. The team also prepares calls and conducts any required market research. Managing licenses includes purchasing software packages, recording purchases, maintaining inventory, and processing any upgrades or cancellations. The IT purchasing department works closely with the other departments at IM and is responsible for, among other things, procuring all standard PC workstations.


If you have any general questions about the department or need information, please do not hesitate to contact our department manager.



Central IT Purchasing

IT Purchasing provides support services to JKU departments and institutes by purchasing hardware and software. The department ensures good management practices by managing orders, reviewing requests, comparing offers submitted by suppliers, submitting orders, accepting products, and maintaining inventory. One of the team's core responsibilities in the area of hardware is purchasing standard IT workstations and providing accessories.

License Management

Should managing software licensing continue to fall under the responsibility of the central purchasing department, the team is not only responsible for acquisition and purchasing, but also for managing all of the corresponding licensing in a comprehensive and transparent manner as well as providing user support to plan and implement upgrading and (any) license adjustments.