Strategic Goals.

As defined jointly with the Rectorate, IM seeks to pursue the following strategic goals:

  • Strengthen digital learning at the JKU in both depth and breadth.
  • Support all phases of research and development projects at the JKU (initiation, implementation, and utilization)
  • Provide targeted information to support all levels of decision-making at the JKU
  • Increase performance and productivity in terms of innovation and research for everyone at the JKU
  • Increase the JKU's visibility as well as the JKU's services
  • Apply wide-ranging digitalization services to make the JKU campus more attractive
  • Ensure mobile and customized communication services to support collaboration among everyone at the JKU
  • Ensure the protection of information and data
  • Streamline IT architecture and the service catalog
  • Provide IT services by creating standardized and transparent processes and structures