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Master Theses.

Development of a tool for active vibration canceling with mechatronical sensors and actuators

Helmut Wernick


In this work the required components and assemblies were developed. In addition a prototype was built. With it, it should be possible to measure and run piezoelectric transducers up to a capacity of 120 nF. Furthermore ICP-sensor-inputs are provided, because especially acceleration sensors are often used in applications of active vibration cancelling. In this solution, the piezoelectric ceramics get measured by special charge amplifiers and driven by power amplifiers, which are able to power piezo actuators within a bandwidth of 10 Hz to 4 kHz with a voltage up to 150 V.
The signals get filtered by software-adjustable analog filters and processed by a single board computer with an XPC-Target-realtime-kernel from Mathworks. In this configuration complex control-loops made in Matlab-Simulink can be run. The following picture shows the prototype.

The circulation of the project work is restricted from October 03, 2008, for a period of 5 years.

September 21, 2008


Figure 1: Rapid-prototyping-tool; left back: high voltage supply; right back: power amplifier; left front: realtime hardware; right front: filter and connectors