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Master Theses.

High precision temperature-control of a low cost rheometer based on a Realtime-Linux system

Klaus Oppermann


The company Vialit Asphalt GmbH & Co KG, opens an external URL in a new window approched the Institute for Measurement Technology to develop a Low Cost Rheometer for viscosity measurement of bitumen. The company started this project in former times, so they had already developed a mechanical prototyp, which should only be adapted in this project. The company also holds a patent on the measuring principle of the prototyp, so this principle had to be maintained. In this thesis the complete electronic part for the rheometer should be developed. The whole project is very complex and it would have taken to much time for only one person, so the project is split into parts. The objective of this particular diploma thesis is development of a temperature-controller. Other objectives are e. g. a displacement-controller.

The feasibility of the project should be demonstrated by a simulation. The complete hard- and software should be developed to guarantee an autonomous operation of the rheometer. The implementation of the software should be under the operating system Realtime-Linux.

The circulation of the project work is restricted from July 5, 2007, for a period of 5 years.

July 2007

[Translate to Englisch:] (a) 3D Ansicht des gesamten Probenhalters. Abbildung 1: Thermische Simulation des Probenhalters - wie er von der Firma Vialit geliefert worden ist - bei einer Solltemperatur von 100 °C. Schön zu erkennen ist, dass hier eine nicht reduzierbare Temperaturdifferenz von über 6 °C rein in der Probe (Bitumen) auftritt. [Translate to Englisch:] (b) Horizontaler Schnitt durch die Probenmitte.