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Master Theses.

Instrument to take accurate aim with a water gun

Alexander Hasslacher

The research in this diploma thesis was initiated by Firma Rosenbauer, opens an external URL in a new window a leading manufacturer of firetrucks, to enhance the extinguishing power of their fire trucks, by improving the aiming precision.
The goal of this diploma thesis is to spray the extinguishing agent exactly on a chosen target within a radius of 10 m. A fundamental problem of this task was the determination of the position of the burning object relative to the fire truck. This position can be obtained by two angles (the azimut angle and the elevation angle) and the distance. On the basis of empiric data, which gives as the elevation the fire water can than be guided to the desired position.

The diploma thesis covers the evaluation of distance measuring principles and their application to laser distance measurement. Therefore the fundamentals of avalanchediodes, which are necessary for the detection of laserlight are described. Furthermore the possibilities of how to give the firefighter the trajectory were evaluated. The hardware and its single components of the developed aiming device are described in detal and the necessary programs and there interfaces are specified.

An instruction guide on how to use and calibrate the device is also given. The parameters (e.g.: Wind, used extinguishing agent, pressure,....) of the extinguishing agent trajectory of projection and how they were considered are described. The differential equations of the trajectory of projection are calculated with and without atmospheric friction and the results are graphically plotted. An overview of the chosen coordinate systems and the transformations between those are given. In the context of this diploma thesis, activities that have been done are reported (for example: Picturesubtraction, throwing range camera, pattern(grid) layout).
  In the end there are a few suggestions on how to improve and extend the capabilities of the system.

The circulation of the project work is restricted from July 17, 2006, for a period of 5 years.

July 2006