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Elke Schüßler at “Österreichische Konsumdialoge“

[Translate to Englisch:] Konsumdialoge

Where is our food from, how is it produced and by whom? Who profits from its production and distribution and who gets harmed? What ecological and social impacts does our consumption have here and in other places? And what potential influence do we really have as individuals and as a society? To answer these and other questions we need an exchange between producers and consumers. The " Österreichischen Konsumdialoge, opens an external URL in a new window", taking place in Hallein near Salzburg from 11th to 13th May, offer a platform for this exchange.

Experts, decision-makers, journalists, and other key figures will discuss and reflect on developments in the production and distribution of food openly and critically. One of these experts is Prof. Elke Schüßler (Institute of Organization Science), she will contribute to “Dialogzirkel Lieferkettengesetz” and the panel on “Ernährung der Zukunft: Erzeugung, Verteilung, Konsum” (both on May 11, opens an external URL in a new windowth).

Participation in the event is free of charge.