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Institut of Polymer Product Engineering
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Our Team.

Head of the Institute

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Zoltan Major S2 174 6591 zoltan.major(at)jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Sandra Gnibba, BSc (maternity-leave) S2 175    sandra.gnibba(at)jku.at
Elisabeth Pühringer (temporary) S2 159 6570 elisabeth.puehringer(at)jku.at

Researcher Extern

Name Room Phone E-Mail
DI Daniel Laresser S2 142 +43 664 8568514 daniel.laresser(at)chasecenter.at
DIin Carina Emminger S2 142 6654 carina.emminger(at)jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
A.Dir. Gerhard Wurzinger S3 011 +43 664 1636297 gerhard.wurzinger(at)jku.at
Dominik Grasser S2 241 6650 dominik.grasser(at)jku.at

Junior Researcher

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Sebastian Lämmermann, BSc S2 141 6598 sebastian.laemmermann(at)jku.at
Florian Schininger, BSc S2 141 6598 florian.schininger(at)jku.at
Theresa Rubenzucker S2 141 6598 theresa.rubenzucker(at)jku.at
Sebastian Pistor S2 141 6598 sebastian.pistor(at)jku.at
Oskar Eibel S2 141 6598 oskar.eibel(at)jku.at