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Algebra is one of the classical branches of mathematics. We represent this area in research and teaching, providing the theoretical foundations that are used in many other areas of science.


Our institute covers several topics from algebra. One focus of our work is computer algebra, that is the development of algorithms for the automatic solution of algebraic problems. Another focal point of work is Universal Algebra, which deals with abstract generalizations of classical algebraic structures. A third focus is finally the theory of nearrings, which has been developed significantly in Linz in recent decades.


Institute for Algebra


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News 09.11.2021

Manfred Buchacher successfully completes his Ph.D. studies

Today, Manfred Buchacher successfully defended his dissertation titled "Algorithms for the Enumeration of Lattice Walks".

News 21.10.2021

Prof. Kauers is now chair of the TM Studies Commission

During today's meeting, Prof. Kauers was elected as Prof. Hinrich's successor. Prof. Hinrichs was elected as vice-chair.

News 01.10.2021

Georg Regensburger becomes Professor

We congratulate on being appointed as professor for computer algebra at the university of Kassel.

News 22.09.2021

Dr. Dr.h.c. Carlton J. Maxson passed away on September 1, 2021

The Institute of Algebra mourns the death of Prof. Carlton J. Maxson