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Institute for Algebra
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Welcome at the Institute for Algebra


Algebra is one of the classical branches of mathematics. We represent this area in research and teaching, providing the theoretical foundations that are used in many other areas of science.


Our institute covers several topics from algebra. One focus of our work is computer algebra, that is the development of algorithms for the automatic solution of algebraic problems. Another focal point of work is Universal Algebra, which deals with abstract generalizations of classical algebraic structures. A third focus is finally the theory of nearrings, which has been developed significantly in Linz in recent decades.


Institute for Algebra


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Science Park 2,  3rd floor, Room 372


Mon-Wed: 09:00 - 11:00
Thur: 13:00 - 15:00


+43 732 2468 6850

News 08.12.2022

LARD 2022/2

The next Linz Algebra Research Day takes place on December 12.

News 29.11.2022

Lixin Du completes her Ph.D. studies

We are pleased to announce that our colleague Lixin Du has successfully defended her Ph.D. studies today. Her thesis was written under the joint supervision of Shaoshi Chen from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Manuel Kauers, and during the time she spent in Austria, she was supported by an FWF project on integral D-finite functions. In her thesis, she explores the notion of integrality and its applications to reduction-based algorithms for symbolic integration. Some of her results have already been published at ISSAC, the annual flagship conference in the area of computer algebra. We congratulate Lixin on her achievements and are happy that she will stay at the Institute for Algebra for some more time as a postdoc.

News 18.10.2022

Matrix Multiplication Record

Manuel Kauers and Jakob Moosbauer showed that 5x5 matrices mod 2 can be multiplied with only 95 multiplications.

Manuel Kauers and Jakob Moosbauer
News 15.09.2022

Joint ANR-FWF project granted

The Austrian Science Fund FWF and the French Funding Agency ANR have accepted a proposal for a joint project on Efficient Algorithms for Guessing, Inequalities, and Summation.