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Papers at ISSAC'20

The Institute for Algebra is proud to have four accepted papers at this year's ISSAC.

ISSAC is the main annual conference on computer algebra. It was planned to be held in Kalamata, Greece, this year, but in view of Corona, it will be held online. Members of our institute regularly contribute to ISSAC. This year, we are happy to have four accepted papers: Signature-based algorithms for Groebner bases of Tate algebras (by Xavier Caruso, Tristan Vaccon, and Thibaut Verron), Integral Bases for D-finite Sequences (by Shaoshi Chen, Lixin Du, Manuel Kauers, and Thibaut Verron), Separating Variables in Bivariate Polynomial Ideals (by Manfred Buchacher, Manuel Kauers, and Gleb Pogudin), and Compatible rewriting of noncommutative polynomials for proving operator identities (by Cyrille Chenavier, Clemens Hofstadler, Clemens Raab, and Georg Regensburger). We also congratulate our colleagues at RICAM and RISC on their accepted paper and look forward to an interesting conference.

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