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Institute for Algebra
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Our Team

Head of the Institute

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Kauers

S2 373-1




Professor Emeritus

Name Room Extension E-Mail

Univ.-Prof.emer. Dr. Dr.h.c. Günter Pilz

S2 302   guenter.pilz(at)jku.at


Technical Support

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Markus Hetzmannseder S2 302 6858 markus.hetzmannseder(at)jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail
Petra Schiefermüller MA S2 372 6850 petra.schiefermueller(at)jku.at



Project Members

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Mike Behrisch S2 305   mike.behrisch(at)jku.at
Tim Boykett S2 305   tim.boykett(at)jku.at
Lixin Du S2 373-2 6857 lixin.du(at)jku.at
Jakob Moosbauer S2 302  


Nebojsa Mudrinski S2 305   nebojsa.mudrinski(at)jku.at
Clemens Raab S2 303 6860 clemens.raab(at)jku.at
Bernardo Rossi S2 305   bernardo.rossi(at)jku.at
Thibaut Verron S2 373-2 6857 thibaut.verron(at)jku.at
Yurii Zhuchok S2 302   yurii.zhuchok@jku.at
Philipp Nuspl S2 302   philipp.nuspl@jku.at