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Annotating Ontologies with Metadata

Student: N.N.     (2023)

Supervisor: a.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Wolfram Wöß


Sharing ontologies and reusing them in other ontologies is a core idea of the semantic web. Unfortunately, the preparation for sharing ontologies and also discovering of ontologies for reuse are both tedious tasks. A major reason is that there is currently no standardized vocabulary for annotating ontologies with metadata. Therefore, a goal of this thesis is to create a vocabulary for annotating metadata to ontologies. Ideally, this vocabulary should reuse existing vocabularies (e.g., schema.org) and conform to the FAIR principles.

To facilitate the search for suitable ontologies, tools such as pyLODE or WIDOCO aim to automatically create documentation (e.g., https://dqm.faw.jku.at/ontologies/DSD), opens an external URL in a new window for ontologies. For this purpose, those tools can use metadata provided directly in the ontology. The tools provide little guidance for the proper annotation of metadata to ontologies. Consequently, a second goal of this thesis is the development of a tool that assists designers in correctly annotating metadata about an ontology (e.g., author should not be a simple string but an instance of class Person).