Chemical Technology of Organic Materials

Become our next Borstar with your thesis! 

The Borealis Student Innovation Award is an international
competition for students from all over the world recognising the three most innovative polymers and chemistry related research papers in bachelor, master and PhD categories. Following the Borealis
mission of value creation through innovation, our award aims to recognise your innovative thinking and pioneering solutions with the networking opportunity of a lifetime and an award of up to €5.000! 

If you have written a bachelor, master, or PhD thesis in one of the following subjects, you could be eligible to apply:

  • Polyolefin catalysts and applications
  • Olefin and polyolefin processes
  • Polyolefin polymer properties
  • Enhanced olefin analysis and polyolefin characterisation methods
  • Sustainability in or with polyolefins or base chemicals (circular economy)
  • Discoveries in the polyolefin world with a practical relevance for society
  • Base chemical processes (ammonia, nitric acid, fertilizer, urea, Textmelamine, phenol)

The jury and prizes

A jury of high-level Borealis research experts will assess the applications. Awardees will be invited to a Borealis Innovation Centre in Europe, in May 2021 to network, discuss their ideas and present their
theses to Borealis senior scientists and leading innovators. Winners will also be presented with a monetary award: Bachelor thesis - €1.000, Master thesis - €3.000 and PhD thesis - €5.000.