Welcome to the high pressure laboratory!


Laboratory for olefin polymerization

The laboratory has been installed in cooperation with Prof. Günter Weickert from PRT GmbH in the years 2010/2011.
Since 2011 we are able operate one of the most accurate polymerization laboratory of the world.

Olefin Polymerization

• Polymerization kinetics under industrial conditions (max 60 bars, max 130 °C).

• Kinetic measurement of different heterogeneous catalysts (Ziegler Natta) and homogeneous metallocene catalysts. (SSC)

• Kinetic measurements of homo-polymerization (ethene and propylene) in slurry, gas phase and continuatives third.

• Kinetics of co-polymerization (r-parameter) with different alpha olefins in slurry and gas phase

• Particle grow studies with micro reactor system

• Tailor made polymers on demand

• Constant improvement of the equipment

Polymer characterization

• Determination of UHMWPE via Intrinsic Viscosity

• DSC analysis

• High Temperature SEC

• IR analysis of co-polymers

• SEM/REM measurements in cooperation with ZONA

• Application properties in cooperation with IPMT

Gas Purification Unit

Ultra clean raw materials

• Pressure: 70 bar max
• Temperature: 250 °C
• Ethene
• Propene
• Propane
• Heptane
• Hydrogen
• Nitrogen

Adiabatic Batch Reactor System

Polymerization Reactor

• 5 l Büchi Reactor
• Pressure: 60 bar max
• Temperature: 110 °C max
• Polymerization Kinetics
• Homo- & Copolymerisation on demand
• Multi-stage polymrization
• Max polymer mass: 220 – 300 g
• Application properties possible

High throughput adiabatic Batch Reactor System

Polymerization Reactor

• 0,5 l Büchi Reactor
• Pressure: 60 bar max
• Temperature: 120 °C max

• Max: 20 g polymer

Polymerization Kinetics:

• Co-polymerization / alpha olefins r-parameter measurements

Pneumatic syringe injection system :

• Oxygen free transfer of catalysts and co-catalysts
• multiple injection during polymerization reaction

High throughput system:
• Up to six experiments per day

Büchi batch reactor

• Volume: 0,7 l or 2 l
• Pressure: 100 bar max
• Temperature: 250 °C max
• Silicon oil heating unit