Pyrolysis pilot line

Our project partner NGE GmbH build up a pyrolysis pilot plant at JKU.

A core part of the pyrolysis plant is a single screw pyrolysis reactor which can be heated up to 550 °C, and residence times for the input materials from 5 to 30 minutes are adjustable. The plant is designed to handle 10 to 30 kg input material per hour and split it up into pyrolysis gas and solid residues. The pyrolysis gas is burned in a hybrid burner (gas and dust), and the heat of the off gas is recovered in a thermal oil boiler. A scrubber is used to clean the off gas from acidic components like HCl and SO2. The composition of the pyro gas is monitored by quasi-online gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.

A benefit of the pilot plant is to measure the enthalpy of pyrolysis for input material. Further the heating value of the pyrolysis gas is determined with the thermal oil boiler.

As input materials a wide range of agricultural by-products and polymer waste streams are chosen. The quality of the remaining coke is determined by elemental analysis, calorific value, and heavy metal content.