Novel nanocomposite powder coatings based on the sol-gel process

The aim of the NanoSolGel project is the synthesis of nanoscale inorganic-organic hybrid or composite materials, which are also called “ormocere” (organically modified ceramics) or “nanomere” (nanoscale modified polymers). Due to the combination of inorganic and organic materials a new class of material of organic polymers with ceramic like structures arises. These materials are also called nanocomposites, because of the molecular mixing inorganic and organic domains only exist in a nanometer range. They combine the flexibility of polymers with the hardness and the abrasion resistance or ceramics.

In the project the chemical principles of the production of an inorganic-organic hybrid material via sol-gel process shall be investigated in order to use this binder for temperature-resistant powder coatings. Therefore a solid, free-flowing mass must be synthesized, which is meltable in the later powder coating formulation and which can be cross-linked either with itself or with organic binders. For the synthesis monomers without harmful properties, toxic properties or which are not dangerous for the environment have to be identified. With these new hybrid binders improved properties in comparison to already available powder coating systems shall be achieved.

This project is funded by the FFG.