Agrochemical precursors

With a continuously rising world population, the demand of food required increases, while still providing high nutrition standards. It results in a challenge for agriculture, in which farmers keep up with these demands using beneficial products to gain crops in better yield and quality. These products, the agrochemicals, can be either of natural or synthetic origin.

The aim of the project is based on the synthesis of an agrochemical precursor and its product quality determination. The setup implemented at the JKU Linz allows safe operation with focus on industrial based process steps. An autoclave setup enables to operate at high pressures, while working at maximum temperatures around 200 °C was planned and built up. The reactor and all components are designed to operate with a whole variety of different media. The resulting product quality determination is carried out via analytical methods using gas chromatography and high-pressure liquid chromatography.

This project is funded by the FFG.