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Guest Lecture

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barry Quinn gave a talk at the Instute for Communciations Engineering and RF-Systems

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Prof. Dr. Barry Quinn, from the Macquarie University in Australia, has visited the JKU and the Institute for Communications Engineering and RF-Systems, where he gave a talk with the title

"Novel frequency estimation techniques"

Prof. Dr. Quinn was educated in Australia, obtaining BA (Hons) (1978) and PhD (1981) in Statistics at the Australian National University. He was then a guest lecture at number of prestigious Universities, including University of London, UMIST and University of Newcastle. Since the early 1990's, he has published mainly in Engineering journals, and mainly on the issue of Frequency Estimation. As recognized academic and researcher in the field, during his visit at JKU, prof. Dr. Quinn has presented state of the art frequency estimation techniques and their applications