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Science Holidays - Find the Cow!

During the JKU Science Holi­days, chil­dren learned about "Wire­less Commu­ni­ca­tion" in a playful way.

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Throughout August, the Johannes Kepler University invited students between age 6 and 14 to participate in the first Science Holidays, where they enjoyed a varied and age-appropriate program consisting of workshops, seminars and excursions. The program, which always lasted for one week, contained topics such as natural sciences, technology, law, medicine, economics, social issues and biology.

Dominik Lehner, Philipp Peterseil, and Gregor Waizenauer from the Institute for Communications Engineering and RF-Systems as well as Julian Karoliny from Silicon Austria Labs held a workshop entitled "Find the cow!" (on 4 dates in August), which was created by Julian Karoliny und Werner Haselmayr. The aim of the workshop was to introduce children to the topics "Wireless Communication" and "Localization" in a playful way. The group learned how GPS works, why it cannot be used in buildings and which alternatives are offered.

The children had to use ultrawideband modules to measure distance under various conditions and record their results. These measurements were then jointly evaluated in Python. Finally, an indoor localization was set up to hide a stuffed cow with an ultrawideband module inside and then localize it. The students participated in the workshop with great interest and joy.