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Institute for Communications Engineering and RF-Systems
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  • eLITe-Board [ɛɫ ai tiː] oder [e’lɪtə]
  • Microcontroller board with serveral sensores and digital as well as analog inputs and outputs
    • ADCs,
    • DACs,
    • Audio,
    • Ethernet,
    • USB
  • Sensors:
    • acceleration,
    • rotary rate,
    • temperature,
    • humidity,
    • pressure,
    • compass,
    • current/voltage/power
  • Running with and without an operating system

  • MicroPython

  • Optional extension modules

  • "True" debugging (single step, jump into function, variable explorer) without the need for an additional programming adaptor

  • Programming language and development environment can be chosen freely

  • Flexibility for usage in different lectures