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Radio report about Think Tanks

The influence of think tanks in politics and public opinion: A radio report with Stephan Pühringer on "Ö1" on Thursday, the 20th February at 7 p.m.


Think tanks pop up in Austria

There are more and more economic and party-related think tanks in Austria. Stephan Pühringer in the newspaper "Standard" about their development.


A response to the European Commission’s economists

Why and how the Commission’s experts defend the underlying model’s authority of "nonsense output gaps" against critique.


How the economists of the EU commission try to explain the output gap nonsense

An article by Philipp Heimberger and Jakob Kapeller in the online magazine "Makronom".


„Nonsense output gaps“ now also affect Austria

An article by Philipp Heimberger about problematic guidelines of EU Commission that restricts Austria's scope of action.


SOWI-Award for best master thesis goes to Johanna Rath

Johanna Rath was granted the SOWI-Award 2019 for her master thesis at the event “SOWI im Dialog” at the University of Graz.


Lecture: Functional constructions of human population

Lecture by Katrin Hirte at the Charité Conference "Human Population as a Factor of Crisis - Historical Reflections"

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Jakob Kapeller in an interview about property taxes

"No employer would think: I am dismantling my factory hall and shift it to Hungary, because there taxation is 0.5 percent lower."


Do we need property taxes?

Property taxes are particularly low in Austria. Is it time to change that? Article in the magazine " Moment" with Jakob Kapeller.