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Latest News

All press reports prior to 2019 are available here, opens an external URL.

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Walter Ötsch in dialouge with Stephan Pühringer on DorfTV

On the competitive functioning of economics as a science and its capacity towards a socio-ecological transformation

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ICAE study in German newspaper taz

The German daily newspaper taz reports on the social policy of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) - with ICAE participation

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Degrowth and capitalism: a contradiction?

Katrin Hirte writes about "market economy" and why the language around this topic is problematic (only available in German).

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START-grant laureate Stephan Pühringer in "Die Presse"

Stephan Pühringer on the blind spots of mainstream econonomics in Austrian daily newspaper

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Models without the climate crisis in economics

Stephan Pühringer and Matthias Aistleitner talk about the climate crisis and the economy in the Ö1 series Dimensionen (only in German)

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Is competition everywhere?

Stephan Pühringer in a portrait with FALTER about competition research (only available in German)

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How our understanding of the economy hinders change

Stephan Pühringer interviewed by scilog, the magazine of the Austrian Science Funds FWF


Awards ceremony

Stephan Pühringer Presented with a START Award

Congratulations, Stephan, on winning this prestigious award!

[Translate to Englisch:] call for papers

Call For Papers: 12th Young Economists Conference 2023 - Funding the Welfare State and Social Infrastructure

The conference is based on the welfare state and related topics. Please submit your paper abstract until July 10, 2023.